What is more important speaker or receiver?

You should ask yourself some questions before you are ready to spend your hard-earned cash. Which speakers do you use? How many? How many? What’s the size of your room? What are these speakers’ sensitivities? What do you want your system to do? See more films or listen to more music? Let’s take a look at speaker vs receiver.

Speaker size and power advice

It is very important to know which speakers you use or prepare to buy. We sure hope they’re from audio, but if they’re not, we understand that perfection takes time. The first thing you have to take into account is height. The size of your speakers determines the power they require. You don’t have to run satellites as much as you do with tower speakers. Look at the power level recommended for your speakers by the manufacturers. Most suggest 25 to 400 watts — some higher even. Try to select a receiver that can provide a constant amount of power within the prescribed rating, so if a speaker needs between 25-150 watts, it would be very good with a receptor that can spread 45-100.

Receivers vs. Amplifiers

Receiver is basically a preamp and amplifier in the same box. In general, amplifiers do not significantly shift from year to year. Preamps and both audio and video treatment. Audio and video quality improvements in recent years have been hard to track. If a receiver has these two sound modes, they would possibly have to play with a few others. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just make sure you attach your devices using one of them.

Most of the receivers play film and music soundtracks equally well. There are, however, companies that sell higher quality amplifiers to listen to serious two channels, surrender other surround sound or video switches used in home theatres. The most integrated recipients you find are led to home theatre and sound surrounding.


So, now you know about the benefits of using receiver? The quick answer is to do your homework right now. In particular, read reviews of different recipients, see what other owners have to say about them. You can find forums where unique questions can be posted. Offer it a listen, above all else. Play with your features and determine what’s right for you, not just what’s the top review. The only thing that really matters is how it sounds to you – trust your ears and needs.